Age 21 years old
Height 168 cm
weight 52 kg
Breast 34D ( natural )
Languages english
Rate 1Myr 300 1 pop/60 mins
Rate 2Myr 500 2 pops/3 hours
Rate 3Myr 700 3 pops/6 hours
Reach us at+60134423519

Step into my embrace and be prepared to be blown away! My name is Amy and I am everything you need and so much more.

I have been massaging for just under two years and my style is guaranteed to be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. I am confident in myself and love my beautiful body. I crave your climax and will stop at nothing to ensure you leave satisfied. I am an absolute vixen and am not shy about how I move my body for your viewing pleasure. I am a total flirt and I love a bit of sexy banter. My eyes do nothing to conceal my naughty thoughts and my smile will tempt and seduce you.

I can’t wait to have you with me for an hour or two! I know you deserve to have a beautiful woman give you the very best.

Amy xx

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