Age 21 years old
Height 168 cm
weight 52 kg
Breast 34D ( natural )
Languages english
Rate 1Myr 300 1 pop/60 mins
Rate 2Myr 500 2 pops/3 hours
Rate 3Myr 700 3 pops/6 hours
Reach us at+60134423519

Let me take you on a journey of sensual arousal. Close your eyes, imagine us completely naked. There’s soft music in the background, a warm ambiance about and a sexually charged atmosphere. I’m rubbing you down slowly, massaging my warm oil into you, bit by bit. Finger tips are soon replaced by the feeling of my silky smooth skin, as I glide my nipples across you. My hands gently working their way up your thigh…caressing you softly…awakening your sexual appetite.

Turn over. Now the fun begins..
We’ll use the huge mirrors around us to watch as the two of us explore each other. We’ll share our sexy fantasies and a little flirtatious giggle. Let’s lose ourselves in each other, climbing slowly towards a spectacular climax…

Now why not turn that fantasy into a reality – after all, the real deal can be so much more fun...

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