Age 20 years old
Height 166 cm
weight 50 kg
Breast 34c ( natural )
Languages english
Rate 1Myr 300 1 pop/60 mins
Rate 2Myr 500 2 pops/3 hours
Rate 3Myr 700 3 pops/6 hours
Reach us at+60134423519

Hi! I’m Suki – a naughty, cheeky and deliciously erotic Hawaiian minx. I am passionate, erotic and a total turn on. I like to bring you to ecstasy with a variety of provocative sexy moves which will blow your mind. I am very sexual and enjoy mutual pleasure so make sure you come well prepared to entice and tempt me.
I am not new to the industry and I enjoy the passions that erotic massage bring. I am always looking my best and never lack in enthusiasm. I am confident with my amazing body and I use it to work you right up until you’re breathless and ready for me to help you climax. I am not much of a masseuse – I’m not gonna lie -I enjoy the carnal delights of intimacy and passion. I much prefer the other pleasures we can enjoy together as extras. Please Note I do not, under any circumstance offer full service or unsafe practices. I am a fun loving girl but I am very strict with those rules.

Whether you enjoy me with other ladies or keep me all to yourself, I will ensure you are left with a big smile and a few naughty memories.

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